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SEKISUI SDGs Academy is a place where students aged approximately 10-15 years old can learn more about environmental sustainability and familiarize themselves with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the UN. This website is an opportunity for young people to independently build a sense of stewardship and responsibility for our world. It also gives them the tools to think about what they can do and how their actions can positively impact the environment.

The SDGs were adopted at UN Summit on September, 2015. The SDGs are international goals with the deadline of 2030 in order to realize a sustainable world. The SDGs comprise of 17 goals and 169 targets that are in connection with society, economy and global environment. They also pledge not to leave any single person out on the planet. Currently, each government, company, and organization is actively working on these issues in their respective area.

This website was designed to give young people the opportunity to think about a sustainable society and consider the power they have to contribute toward this. This site introduces 17 goals and businesses efforts to achieve them in a relatable way.

Please use these materials in your lesson plans, your curriculums and your classrooms. We appreciate any and all feedback.

In July 2018, SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. partnered with Tokyo Shoseki Co., Ltd. to launch EduTown SDGs, an educational tool in Japanese. We created this global version in English.

■ Reference Web site

1) SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD.'s website (English)

2) EduTown SDGs (Japanese)


Learn the details of SDGs' 17 goals


Learning with SDGs Cards

You can help your students learn about how products which are being used in their lives and communities are related to the SDGs. The cards can be printed or used interactively if you are aiming to reduce paper.

  • Among all the cards being displayed on the screen, pick out a card that interests you.
    (Please distribute the cards if you choose to print them out.)
  • Using the clues provided on the back of the cards, think about and discover how they are related to SDGs
  • Discuss in groups and present your own ideas and opinions about which SDGs are related to your card.
  • Compare with the related SDGs identified by us at SEKISUI, and discuss any differences you found or noticed.
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