What can we do?

Even a lazybones can do it! SDGs

Even if you’re a lazybones, think about ways that you can deliver on the SDGs in your own life.

You think the SDGs are too hard? They’re really not. Here are some small ways you can help—at home, from your couch, and when you're out and about.

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Here’s what you can do from your couch!

  • Save electricity. A convenient way is to use a power strip.
  • Turn off any lights you’re not using.
  • When you’re shopping online, make a point of buying from companies that do business in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way.
  • If you come across a post or information that you think would be helpful for the SDGs on social media, “Like” and “Share.”

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Here’s what you can do at home!

  • Don’t use hair dryers or clothes dryers. Conserve electricity and gas by letting your hair and clothes dry naturally.
  • Be clever about how you bathe. A 5-10 minute shower can save dozens of liters of water compared to filling the bathtub.
  • Freeze any food and leftovers you aren't able to eat as soon as possible. This will prevent the waste of food and money.
  • Recycle paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum.
  • Be careful about what temperature you set your air-conditioner to.

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Here’s what you can do when you're out and about!

  • Bike, walk, or take public transport. Save the car trips for when you have a big group.
  • Use refillable bottles, coffee cups, and water flasks.
  • Take your own bags when you go shopping.
  • Donate anything you don’t use so that people who need it can use it.

Interview cooperation: United Nations Information Centre(UNIC)
Interviewer / Writer: Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. & TOKYO SHOSEKI CO., LTD.

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